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Welcome to Gorsey Clough Nursing Home

A specialist residential nursing care centre of excellence

An award winning provider of Dementia, Alzheimer’s,
EMI (elderly, mentally infirm) and residential care in Bury, Lancashire.

Specialist nursing care of the elderly and elderly mentally ill.

Younger dementia expertise.

We welcome your enquiries whether you are looking for:

  • A happy, supportive and caring environment
  • 24-hour nursing and residential care, 7 days a week
  • Specialised and personalised care for persons with diverse and complex needs
  • Care on discharge from hospital
  • End of life care
  • A change in care homes for whatever reason
  • A move from home into 24-hour care
  • Private or local authority funded care

We offer:

  • A wide range of weekly activities
  • Outings and events
  • Varied and imaginative menus
  • Person-centred care

We also provide care to residents from Bolton, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and all other regions of the UK.

Please come and visit us, enjoy a cuppa and some biscuits and see what Gorsey Clough can offer you today.

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Gorsey Clough embraces digital technology to help reshape how care is delivered in the Home and to improve the well-being and care outcomes of our Residents. This is achieved through the use of innovative technology including electronic medicine management and care management software.

Featured Services

We cover a wide variety of care services

Complex mental health

Including Korsakoff's Syndrome

24 hours per day

Person-centred care is what sets Gorsey Clough Nursing Home apart. You can expect to receive the very best care. Expert Registered General Nurses, Mental Health Nurses and Caring Staff provide you with an exceptional experience.

Office Hours

MONDAY 09:00-17:00
TUESDAY 09:00-17:00
WEDNESDAY 09:00-17:00
THURSDAY 09:00-17:00
FRIDAY 09:00-17:00
SATURDAY Office closed - Please speak to the Nursing team
SUNDAY Office closed - Please speak to the Nursing team

Fee Information

For your convenience Gorsey Clough Nuring Home has a transparent fee structure which you will find on this page.


Call us now on 01204 882976 and receive advice for you and your family member