Safeguarding Residents

Gorsey Clough believes that people have a right to live in an environment free of the threat of abuse, harassment, violence, or aggression. We will protect our Residents from violence, aggression or abuse from friends, relatives, Staff or other Residents. In doing so, we operate a Zero Tolerance Policy towards any form of abuse. As a Home and in co-operation with Bury MBC and other Local Authorities, we will respond effectively, consistently and supportively in response to any allegations or suspected allegations of abuse. 


We will take all possible steps to prevent abuse from occurring including:

  • Setting out and making widely known our procedures for responding to suspicions or evidence of abuse.
  • Operating personnel policies which ensure that all potential Staff are rigorously checked, by taking up of references, CRB checks and clearance through the Independent Safeguarding Authority regsiter.
  • Incorporating material relevant to abuse into Staff training at all levels and maintaining vigilance concerning the possiblity of abuse of our Residents from whatever source.
  • Encouraging among Staff, Residents and all other Stakeholders a climate of openeness and awareness which makes it possible to pass on concerns about behaviour which might be abusive or which might lead to abuse.
  • Devising systems which minimise the risk of abuse of Residents by other Residents by understanding and dealing appropriately with any form of aggression.
  • Maintaining robust procedures for regulating any contact the Staff of the Home need to have with Residents’ property, money or financial affairs.
  • Communicating concerns to the appropriate officers of the Local Authority Adult Protection Unit and the CQC in accordance with relevant legislation and the Department of Health and other authoritative bodies.
  • Helping our Residents as far as possible to avoid or control situations or relationships which would make them vulnerable to abuse.

We take seven steps towards the safeguarding of our Residents:

  1. Building a safety culture by creating a culture that is open and fair.
  2. Leading and supporting our Staff to establish a clear and strong focus on Resident safety through out the Home.
  3. Developing systems and processes to manage risks and identify and assess things that could go wrong.
  4. Promoting reporting by ensuring that Staff can easily report incidents.
  5. Involving and communicating with Residents, Relatives and friends.
  6. Learning and sharing safety lessons to encourage Staff to learn how and why incidents happen.
  7. Implementing solutions to prevent harm through changes to practice, processes and systems.

Further information on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults from Abuse can be found below:

Department of Health Guidance on developing policies and prcedures to protect vulnerable adults from Abuse